Monday, August 9, 2010

Surprise Photo slideshow? CUTE

Turns out someone from photo took some of my biker pics (and Joel's) and made a slideshow for the website.

Here's me sharing it with you(reader)

Let it

I like it, though I wish they had gone through my dump and picked some other pictures that hadn't been used yet.

Old news?! Yuck!
I'm kidding.

I am deciding whether I should still edit a sounds from the rally to go along with a post rally article.
I think that what's been missing from our coverage (and everyone else's) is the SOUND of motorcycles.

PS: Entirely unrelated, but I saw The Other Guys last night and this reporter announced himself at a press release and sounded really ashamed to say he was an online reporter and then another one (from TMZ, HA) said PRINT EDITION, all proud, and, I don't get it- Is there a stigma for being an online reporter?

Isn't that, um, the future?

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