Monday, August 9, 2010

NBR- Saturday

Joel and I went out to check out the bike show on Saturday- the last full day of the rally.

I was sure sad that we were on deadline- I would have loved to get some shots of Chingy and the other performers.

I still don't know if Michael Jordan was just a rumor!

Anyway, I made some great contacts at the show.

This one woman claimed her husband was the first black man in Columbia to own a motorcycle.

I took her information down because I think that would be a pretty neat feature!

She said that he (her husband) has gotten everyone in their family into riding.
Her 14-year-old son, who I have a picture of in the gallery, is one of them.
I had more information, but couldn't get a hold of her in time to AC, so the caption suffered a little there, but it had the generations right there in the shot, so that was enough to make me happy.

I was honestly awe-stricken at some of these custom bikes.

On Saturday night, while I was bartending, someone told me that three bikes had been stolen.

Two sport bikes scooped out of a hotel parking lot and a Honda goldwing.

I spent this morning going through the police dispatches looking for more info, but then from a google search saw that the Tribune has already put up two briefs about the incidents.
(Which is cool, I love when hearsay becomes didhappen)

The guy who put me in detention the first day of the rally (I say this lovingly and a bit facetiously) saw me at the bike show and said, "YOU AGAIN? HOW MANY TIMES YOU GONNA COME OUT HERE, I'VE SEEN YOU EVERYDAY."

Then he smiled.
We are soooooo friends.

Getting ready to gut check businesses for follow-ups this week.

Not sure how to go about getting the most accurate information for actual attendance and economic impact numbers.

My big bad photo gallery

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