Tuesday, August 31, 2010

3 ideas for One-Day Story

We were asked to submit three ideas for a story that can be shot in one day in our Picture Story class.

1) This is going to be the 10 year anniversary of the September 11th tragedy which occurred in 2001. Although it can certainly be argued that this is a story that could not only surpass one day coverage, but is a national issue, I think a story on the tragedy that localizes the commemoration of the event could be covered photographically in one day (the 11th). Shots could also be taken in the days leading up to the 11th to show preparations for the date. I am unaware as to what the city is planning (if anything) for 9/11's decade anniversary, though I am sure that it is something that will be visually present throughout the community, whether an event has been planned or not.

2) Also occurring on the 11th is the Central Missouri Humane Society's intermittent "Walk a hound, lose a pound" benefit, that pairs volunteers with dogs from the humane society for some joined exercise. This is an event that I have always wanted to photograph, not only because it's such a (in my opinion) fantastic volunteer opportunity and does both parties a great deal of good, but because I am fairly sure that these events are up to their ears in possibly stories/features. I am also wondering what percentage of animals who are walked at these events find permanent homes because of it- I'm sure there's got to be at least a couple per event.

3) Finally, I propose the story that I intend to do at least at some point during the semester- The recent collaboration of two of Columbia's iconic cobblers, George Wren and Bob Dawson. Bob recently recruited George to come work for him at his shop. George has been working at Dillard's since his business closed its doors a year or so ago. I am familiar with both of them and think that locally, this is a story that will generate some interest. Cobblery is an occupation with alot of history and is often carried down through the generations. Bob and George are both examples of cobblers who are carrying on a tradition of the occupation in their families and are also two of the kindest people I've had the pleasure of meeting. But that's a personal aside. George has been working at Dawson's shoe repair for about a week or so now and though I have Bob's permission to do the story, I have yet to speak with George.

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