Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My first website: First Draft

So today we made websites in EPJ and that was really exciting for me because I have never made a webpage before!

Here she is:

Welcome to the Jungle

This is the rubric for the first assignment.
Please, every single none of my readers, (get it? Because nobody reads this!) alert me if I seem to have missed something:

Assignment 1: Your first index.html page with an image & link

For this assignment you are to hand-code a basic web page in html and upload it to a web server. You page must have the following elements:

• A heading of some sort
• At least one block of text. Tell me a little about yourself and your background as it relates to this course. What skills do you already have, and what do you want to learn? Your text should include something in bold and something in italics.
• Color specification for the background
• At least one image
• At least one text link
• A title for the page. This will appear at the top of the browser window.

Follow these specifications for your image:

• 800 pixels wide, at 72 ppi
• Sharpened and toned appropriately for web display
• Converted to sRGB
• Saved appropriately for the web

Name your page index.html and upload it and any necessary supporting files (like the picture) to your Bengal space.

Email the link to your page to and post it to your blog before the end of lab on August 27, 2010.

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