Thursday, February 12, 2009

Can you say staff infection?

So, I have been on the staff at the Missourian for about a month now.

I have decided to start this blog back on up again to start collecting the stuff I've had published at the Missourian.

Because innit that cute. -playful sarcasm-

First story was the MU men's basketball game against Texas Tech on 1/24/09.

Here are the pictures that were published in the Missourian paper and on the website.

(Sunday cover)

(Sunday sports section cover: Demarre Carroll)

(Demarre dunking: I think they put this one on the web)

Coach addresses the team (used for website)

Dog parks save.

My latest addiction has been going to the dog park off of Forum
(that wraps around the water park)

I go not only because I know Bukowski (my almost two year old Husky/Golden retriever) loves it, but because I do.

I guess people would probably tell me to file this under "good habits" rather than addictions, but damn, I'm pretty sure the place is becoming the key element to my smiles.