Saturday, March 15, 2014

Revvin' up

I am incredibly excited to announce that I will be trimming down my daytime hours tending bar at Tweed's to focus exclusively on my freelance work.

Inserted above are my photos from Stephen Talkhouse's mid-winter beach party, taken on assignment for this week's issue of Dan's Papers.

I'm currently in New Orleans, but about to sit down and write a piece for them that will include a fairly big (IMO) local story scoop (my specialty!) - hopefully it will still be a scoop when it's published!

I will also be writing a feature for the Sag Harbor Express, which will be published in their upcoming 'Home & Garden' magazine. The newspaper takes a break from special pubs. in January and February, so I am way excited to be back at it for them. 

My editor, Kathryn Menu, always gives me incredibly interesting assignments, edits carefully without stomping out my voice or adding errors into my copy and is very thorough about her expectations for pieces, whether they be about deadlines, sources, style, etc.

I am blessed to have a number of truly excellent editors, but I have to give Ms. Menu credit for her kindness, patience and consistent diligence. 

Okay, that's enough yapping from this rookie for one afternoon.

I'm going to get writing over here in the French Quarter (which is ironic, as I am exactly one quarter Cajun) and continue revvin' myself up for the inevitability of national publication and super stardom!

And I will never forget those calculating few of you who have unjustly attempted to hold me back, knock me down or entirely destroy me.  
You are tiny people and I feel sorry for you. 

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