Friday, March 7, 2014

Latest East End original cocktail round-up

Okay, okay, maybe it's incredibly lazy to post a fuzzy screenshot of my latest Dan's Papers piece (which incidentally features my "White Russian martini") but cut me some slack, people - I work all day everyday and most nights to make ends meet out here!

But truth be told, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Getting DBA for "Agent Jane Fox Inc." this upcoming week and plan to get tshirts made up at Peconic Bay Apparel - think they'll have my spine tat on the back!

AND - even more exciting - I'm getting internets installed in my little cottage on Saturday night! 
So hey, maybe in the soonwhile (made that up) you'll even see me set-up my first legit. web page and whatnot!

Think I'm going to start posting news I find blog-style so I can show off my scooping skills and use the posts to pitch stories to publications. 

Oh! And congrats to RHLOCAL on SoutholdLOCAL - maybe eventually I'll move to the South Fork and head up HamptonsLOCAL! 

Or maybe I'll be too super famous by then 😎

Over and Out

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