Thursday, March 13, 2008

Direct your flash-ttention to the front of the screen

What a terrible pun.

I didn't think we would be needing a lighting diagram for this assignment, so I will just say that I bounced my flash off ceilings, windows, myself, and walls.

During direct flash, I directly flashed.

My selects were from the direct flash portion.

They're of John Burr, a Columbia resident and employee of Storage-mart.
He makes bon-fires on the Missouri river.
It was SO much fun to watch, especially when the ladies with him named Erica and Jessica, made bombs out of tin foil, toilet bowl cleaner, and two liter bottles.

The cleaner would create a chemical reaction within the bottle that would turn the tin foil into gas and then expand the bottle until it exploded.
The sound was so loud that it reverberated off of the mountains and hills surrounding the river and echoed back like thunder.

Check out the photos, I'll add one of the bomb so that you guys can see that also.

Shot one: Let the conflagration begin

Shot two: John Burr reveals himself

Okay, I tried adding a shot of "da bomb," but that's definitely not working right now.
Good times.

over and out

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